Challenge Youth Conference (CYC)

The Challenge Youth Conference is one of our favorite events! Every January hundreds of youth groups pack up their students and head to Pigeon Forge for a weekend of amazing speakers, quality time with their own youth group, and fun experiences in Gatlinburg. Our group comes back closer to one another and refreshed in their walk with God!

S.I.C. Days

Spying in Canaan Days are where we take the upcoming Juniors and Seniors to visit college campuses that they are interested in attending upon graduation. On these trips we introduce students to a campus minister and a local congregation. We focus on how they will stay faithful when they go to college.

Additional Events Include:

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Winter and Spring Retreats

…more information to come!


It stands for Reach Unlimited Spiritual Heights. This is an event hosted by Freed-Hardeman University every September where youth groups from all over the area come together to worship God and learn more about Him. It’s fun, uplifting, and brings the group closer to God and other Christians!

Western Kentucky Youth Camp (WKYC)

Every Summer we take the students to Western Kentucky Youth Camp for a week filled with exhausting amounts of fun! They get to spend time with students from many different youth groups while they learn more about God, and return home spiritually fed.

Evangelism University (EU)

Evangelism University is the place to LEARN! Every January hundreds of high school students meet together for a weekend to learn how to tell others about Jesus! Students get to choose which classes they want to attend each day, all taught by amazing speakers and teachers! EU is personal to each student, allowing for a unique learning experience.

Silver Shamrock

This is an annual dinner that the youth group hosts for our “Silver Seniors,” the 65+ age group. The youth not only get a chance to serve some amazing people, but they also get a chance to sit down and get to know them personally!