Our History

Our History

The plea for a return to New Testament Christianity in Henderson, Kentucky started in 1909 when a small group of Christians began to meet in the home of J.T. Springer.

In 1938, property was purchased at the corner of 12th & Green Streets. The church met in the house located on this property for about five years. In 1941, when the government purchased property in Union County for a military camp, two church buildings located on that property were donated to the church in Henderson. These buildings were disassembled and reconstructed on the property on North Green, forming a 40 x 40 frame building over a full basement. Approximately fifty members began using this building in 1943.

In 1954, as the church continued to grow, the building was enlarged and remodeled. A new auditorium was constructed in 1966, and the original building was converted to classrooms. More growth necessitated further additions and an annex to the auditorium was built to provide additional classrooms while the basement was converted into a multipurpose room.

In the fall of 2006 the congregation merged with the Southside Church of Christ. The merger benefited both groups. Due to the growth of the church a new location and church building are in planning.

In the 1940’s several men worked part-time preaching for our congregation they were Adam Doane, O.T. Kays and Layton Hall from Evansville, Indiana.

L.H. Pogue moved to Henderson in December of 1952 to begin his full-time work. He served until March of 1970 when he passed away. Following his passing, Don Hall moved to Henderson in August of 1970 and worked with the church until the summer of 1974. Dean Buchanan began his work here in September of 1974 and worked with the church until September of 1982.

Mike Mitchell moved to Henderson in September 1982 and worked until May of 1987. Tim Pahman moved to Henderson in August of 1987 and worked with the church until December of 1988. Tom Ballard began his service in January of 1989 and worked until the summer of 1990. Gary Puryear began his work in June of 1990 until July of 2013.

David Salisbury, our current minister, began with us in July of 2013.

We have been blessed with several men who served as our Youth Minister. Jared West, Josh Akers, Neal Mathis, Cody Peery, and Nathan Woolard have all worked with our young people in the past.

Josh Terry is currently our youth minister.