Garage Gatherings

Our garage is wayyyy cooler than your garage. It’s the garage to end all other garages. It’s the place to be. Why, you ask? Is there a band in there? Or maybe free kittens? That would be cool, but no my friend. Something much better is in our garage… all of you! We hope all of you will be at our super cool “Garage Gathering” this Wednesday night at 7pm!!! If you wanna see our gem of a garage, bring…

Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesday Evening: This service begins at 7:00pm with everyone meeting in the auditorium for announcements, a couple of songs, a short devotional and final prayer before dismissing to our classrooms. Classes will end at 8:00 pm and we are dismissed for the evening.

Sunday Services

Order Of Our Services Sunday Morning: Bible Class – begins at 9:30 am.   We go straight to our classes without meeting together first. There is an adult class that meets in the auditorium with kids and other adult classes available. Ushers at the door will be happy to help you to the correct classrooms. There is a 15 minute intermission between class and the worship service. Worship service – begins at 10:30 am. Everyone meets for worship in the auditorium. There is a nursery available at…